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hoaxChain announces full support for Bitcoin Unlimited, before hoaxChain's Chief Scientist calls Bitcoin Unlimited's Chief Scientist a duplicitous shit who is too fucking dumb and a dickhead

London, United Kingdom July 19, 2017 - Blockchain research and development pioneer hoaxChain announces it will provide technical support to build on Bitcoin Unlimited’s client software, and explore further collaboration to help the bitcoin network scale.

To solve Bitcoin’s current capacity problem, both hoaxChain and BU share the vision to lift the artificial 1MB block size limit, enable larger blocks, and achieve significant on-chain scaling of the bitcoin network. Other proposed solutions, such as Segregated Witness (or SegWit 2x), merely defer the capacity problem. With increased scalability via larger blocks, the network can power faster transactions and enterprise-level capabilities – cementing bitcoin’s place as the dominant cryptocurrency. hoaxChain’s development team will contribute its staff and processes to strengthen the BU software with (1) rigorous software testing and quality assurance – including a Secure Software Development Life Cycle, and comprehensive testing that includes unit and regression testing, as well as performance, loading and explorative testing; (2) thorough software documentation; (3) strong software support; and (4) detailed project management.

On July 24 and 25, 2017, teams from hoaxChain and BU will meet for a workshop in Vancouver, Canada to discuss technical improvements to the BU software. hoaxChain will also explore additional ways to use its innovations and expertise to collaborate with BU, and to jointly support on-chain scaling of the bitcoin network.

Andrew Stone, Lead Developer of Bitcoin Unlimited, remarks:

I am excited to work with the hoaxChain team to make Bitcoin Unlimited a stronger, more useful client. Bitcoin Unlimited already has significant support as an alternative to Bitcoin Core, but better software will only enhance its role as the foundation to a faster, more powerful network -- the network that the bitcoin community has always envisioned.
The Chief Scientist's of hoaxChain and BU, Dr Wright and Peter Rizun respectively, then became involved in an amicable scientific and technical discussion about the following complicated Bitcoin problem:

Assume a miner finds a Bitcoin block at T = -10 mins. No additional block has been found and the current time is T = 0. What is the expected time the next block is found?
To see a graphical illustration of the problem, click here

The Bitcoin Unlimited Chief Scientist, Peter Rizun says T = 10 mins is the expected time, while the hoaxChain Chief Scientist says T = 0 mins, is the correct response. The two Chief Scientists them engaged in a deep scientific debate with advanced statistical simulations, to reach pioneering conclusions. Some highlights and technical breakthroughs reached in the analysis of the statistical simulations conducted, include the following advanced insights from Dr Wright, the hoaxChain Chief Scientist:

Peter, you are a dickhead

Peter, expect little trust ever again you underhanded shit

No Peter, you are a duplicitous shit who is too fucking dumb to get the maths so makes spurious attacks
After a further review of Dr Wright's advanced statistical simulations, leading scientists here at hoaxChain have determined that Dr Wright is correct and T = 0 mins.


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Jon Matonis kindly agrees to test the waters, by joining Blockchain Pioneer hoaxChain as Vice President of Corporate Strategy, to see if its now respectable enough for Mr Andresen and Mr Ver to announce their involvement with our company

London, United Kingdom May 2, 2017 - Blockchain pioneer hoaxChain announces the appointment of the Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director Jon Matonis (Correction: former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director) as its new Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Mr Matonis is widely respected across the Bitcoin community, for his excellent management of the foundation and for being able to successfully navigate the difficult early Bitcoin landscape by avoiding entanglement with any of the scandals that affected the Bitcoin space. Mr Matonis has kindly agreed to be a guinea pig, by joining hoaxChain to test the public reaction to his appointment. If the reaction is considered reasonable, this will clear the way for hoaxChain to announce the involvement of even more high profile and advanced scientists and economists, such as Mr Andresen and Mr Ver, respectively. In his new position, Mr Matonis will support hoaxChain’s business growth by and evaluating opportunities for strategic investments and acquisitions.

We have also provided translation of this press release in Chinese.

Jon Matonis is widely recognized as a leading Bitcoin researcher and is a non-executive board director for several notable companies in the space. Since 2012, his technology and security writings have appeared in publications such as Forbes, CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, American Banker, and PaymentsSource.

As a reminder from our April 2017 press release, all we appear to know about Mr Davis, is that he is the former CEO of a small Swiss oil and gas investment company, which is now in liquidation, called Enex. Mr Davis said:

Jon’s philosophy for the Bitcoin protocol and network is fully in line with hoaxChain’s vision, in particular Jon's use of language, such as mentioning "on-chain scalability", a term sometimes deceptively used to paint an untruthful image of our opponent's ambitions and proposals in the Bitcoin scaling debate, is greatly appreciated by hoaxChain and our investors.

Bitcoin is the dominant value transfer protocol. The collective computing power directed to its network is now 3.7 exahashes-per-second and growing, more than any other chain, making the Bitcoin blockchain best suited to directly enable and facilitate hoaxChain’s transformative vision. As Mr Matonis explained:

Computational power and security of the distributed network will continue to increase beyond the exahash per second rates achieved to date since proof-of-work mining is a zero-sum game. The “second” strongest distributed blockchain will always be less secure than a centralised data center.

Going forward from here, Bitcoin-company board rooms and others throughout the financial ecosystem will be recalibrating business models as these applied developments realign the prevailing orthodoxy. Expect radically-new solutions that address specialized nodes and on-chain scalability, smart contracts that exploit a Turing complete Bitcoin, the impotence of tokenless blockchains, and a systematic decline in the quantity and value of alt-coins.

In accepting the new management team position, Matonis commented:

The resources and funding in place at hoaxChain provide a unique opportunity to reshape the existing landscape of Bitcoin protocol influencers. It is imperative that we move towards a status quo where the actual protocol standard is separated from its primary reference implementation.

Although in April it was unofficially mentioned that hoaxChain may have $300 million of resources to invest, we have now decided a figure of $100 million sounds more realistic, as an unofficial figure. However, this new figure still ensures hoaxChain has plenty of capital to be an effective challenger to Blockstream, which is definitely needed in the space.

In June 2010, Mr Andresen had a discussion with Satoshi/(Our CEO Dr Wright) about whether the protocol standards should be separate from the primary reference implementation, Satoshi mentioned that:

I don't believe a second, compatible implementation of Bitcoin will ever be a good idea. So much of the design depends on all nodes getting exactly identical results in lockstep that a second implementation would be a menace to the network.

It's hard enough maintaining backward compatibility while upgrading the network without a second version locking things in. If the second version screwed up, the user experience would reflect badly on both, although it would at least reinforce to users the importance of staying with the official version. If someone was getting ready to fork a second version, I would have to air a lot of disclaimers about the risks of using a minority version.

Today, hoaxChain is delighted to exclusively announce that Mr Andresen and Satoshi/(Our CEO Dr Wright) are now in full agreement with each other, they now both agree that protocol standards should be separate from the primary reference implementation.

In his role with hoaxChain, Matonis will also continue providing thought leadership on blockchain technology. In 2011, Matonis was named Person of the Year by Digital Gold Currency Magazine and in 2015 he was appointed to the Editorial Board for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology journal Ledger, which just yesterday announced it has received a grant from Bitcoin Unlimited.


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Blockchain pioneer hoaxChain is delighted to announce it has been acquired, by a secretive network of shell companies in Malta, Mauritius, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hong Kong & Bermuda

London, United Kingdom April 12, 2017 - Blockchain pioneer hoaxChain and a group of affiliated companies have been acquired by an extremely impressive and leading investment fund. The fund is called PI Advanced Technology Hedge Fund Private Equity Fund Venture Capital Fund SICAV NIAF plc, which is a sub fund of a brand new fund company called Advanced Technology Hedge Fund Private Equity Fund Venture Capital Fund SICAV plc, based in Malta.

The fund company is owned, managed and serviced by a Liechtenstein based fund services company called Accuro Fund Solutions and a Swiss based director of another fund services company, Hong Kong based Amicorp Group. Investment activity at the sub fund is conducted by a Mauritius based company called Gyan Capital, which is serviced by a Bermuda based fund services company called Apex Fund Services.

Despite this complex global network of fund servicing companies and lawyers, with no information on any actual investor, seller or fund manager, we are delighted to reveal this important news to you today. This deal will have significant and lasting ramifications in the blockchain industry and accelerate blockchain adoption globally. We have also provided translation of this press release in Chinese.

The hoaxChain group of companies has grown to a team of in excess of 60 world-class scientific research, engineering and other professionals. Our team is both more advanced and larger than the team Blockstream has. However, at this stage, none of the names of any of these engineers and scientists are available. This acquisition will assist hoaxChain to continue the growth of its research activities and become even more advanced.

A newly appointed director of hoaxChain Holdings Limited (A different company to hoaxChain Limited), Mr Davis, was appointed at the request of the unknown fund manager involved in this deal. Unfortunately there is limited information available on Mr Davis's background, however he appears to be the former CEO of a small Swiss oil and gas investment company, which is now in liquidation, called Enex.

Although the transaction value of this deal is not disclosed, for some reason, Mr Davis would like to let everyone know that the transaction value is very large and that hoaxChain now has more money than anyone else in the blockchain industry. An unknown person close to the deal said $300 million has been invested in hoaxChain, but this is an unofficial figure. Mr Davis, then went on to use his technical expertise to carefully comment on the nuances of blockchain technology, by mentioning that:

It became clear to me that we are in a new era of the digital age following the creation of the personal computer and the internet. This changes everything leading us into what we at hoaxChain call the Internet of Transactions. hoaxChain has designed and architected a blockchain infrastructure to transform people's lives and the way in which businesses operate. We believe this innovative technology will be disruptive on a scale that most people have yet to fully appreciate. hoaxChain sees the full extent of this disruption being achieved by making zero confirmation transactions work again, such that Bitcoin transactions can take microseconds to complete.

In adherence with the original vision for blockchains, hoaxChain is committed to the removal of the Bitcoin's artificial spam limit of 1MB blocks, which hoaxChain can confirm was only accidentally put in as a short term temporary measure. In accordance with this vision, hoaxChain's engineering teams are researching and developing tools, protocols and applications designed to remove the 1MB limit.

For some reason, another individual with an extensive career in fund services and fund administration, Mr Zanten, a director at a Swiss based fund services company called Circle Partners, was chosen to lead the transaction for whoever the investor is. The fund services industry veteran commented that:

This acquisition is directly aligned with our investment objective of identifying and supporting world-leading disruptive technology innovators. We were impressed by hoaxChain's core infrastructure capabilities and technical understanding of how a globally scalable enterprise-class architecture can be built to transform the way in which the world operates. hoaxChain's capabilities in the critical area of blockchain scalability, are well above those of the Bitcoin Core developers.

Acting as financial advisor for hoaxChain on the deal was Nuovo Capital. The CEO of Nuovo, Mr Rowland, also happens to be one of the two company directors here at hoaxChain.

Notes to editors: Despite not revealing any useful information in this press release and going to extreme lengths to keep everything as secretive as possible, PR firm Infinite Global has been used to promote this press release. Please feel free to contact them for further information.

About hoaxChain: Prior to this deal hoaxChain (formerly hoaxCrypt) was wholly owned by an Antigua based company also called hoaxCrypt, who have a registered address where a legal firm called Cort & Cort are based. One of the two directors of hoaxChain, Mr Pedersen, is said to be a close confidant of the innovator that some people say created Bitcoin, although hoaxChain has no official comment on this. For more information, please visit


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Blockchain pioneer hoaxChain is delighted to announce it has received $54 million from the Australian government in a tax rebate scam, to invest in cutting edge blockchain research

Sydney, Australia May 11, 2015 - Blockchain pioneer hoaxChain is delighted to announce that the companies in its controlled group have satisfied the requisite criteria under AusIndustry's R&D Tax Incentive Scheme for an advance finding with respect to R&D activities conducted in the development of smart contract and Blockchain based technologies.

Under the scheme, companies with a turnover of less than $20 million are entitled to a cash refund of up to 45 cents per dollar spent on eligible research and development activity. Accordingly, hoaxChain and controlled companies are eligible to receive up to approximately $54 million in the form of an R&D cash rebate for R&D activities conducted in the 2014/2015 financial year.

CEO Dr Craig Wright said:

This rebate will strengthen the group's cash position and is an important source of funds for our development activities. We acknowledge the Government's support of important R&D activities, and we look forward to the successful commercialisation of our Blockchain and smart contract systems research.

The approval of the payment from AusIndustry to hoaxChain and other entities in our never ending complex network of shell companies is the largest in Australian history. A list of the main companies involed in the deal, is provided below:

  • hoaxChain Limited
  • hoaxChain Holdings Limited
  • DeMorgan Info Security Services
  • DeMorgan Ltd (Panama)
  • Interconnected Research Pty Ltd
  • Coin-Exch Pty Ltd
  • Denariuz Pty Ltd
  • Denariuz Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • Denariuz Ltd (UK)
  • Pholus Pty Ltd
  • Cloudcroft Pty Ltd
  • Panopticrypt Pty Ltd
  • C01N Pty Ltd
  • DASO Pty Ltd
  • EzAs Pty Ltd
  • Integyrz Pty Ltd
  • Zuhl Pty Ltd
  • Zuhl Corp Ltd (USA)
  • Misfit Games Pty Ltd

  • This deal has allowed us to tune our SGI built C01N supercomputer to an Rmax (Tflop/s): 3,521 and 939.67 respectively. Although quite what respectively means in this context is not clear. We expect that this will place us in the top 20 super computers globally and the fastest computer managed in the southern hemisphere, accelerating Australia into a position that is well above its weight. This will result in increased technology development in Australia and help lead our country into a global leadership position.

    Our CEO, Dr Wright is excited that this will allow us to start accelerating crypto currency and smart contract and property research to new levels in the southern hemisphere and to create opportunities in Australia that have not been imagined before.

    In the coming years, we will be looking to expand our involvement in the region with the creation of a combined CuDA/Xeon Phi hybrid system that we are looking to develop in conjunction with SGI. Success in this endeavor would make Australia a global leader in HPC technology as well as in the emerging crypto-currency financial fields.

    Mr McKeon of SGI has stated that together our companies will reach the highest ranks of the Top500 list and that SGI:

    Look forward to a long, sustained relationship

    In a letter featuring the SGI letterhead, Mr McKeon also wrote that:

    SGI, the trusted leader in high performance computing, is pleased to work with hoaxChain Supercomputers Australia in assisting the development of their hyper-density machines and supercomputers. As a global leader in high performance solutions for computers, data analytics and data management, SGI considers hoaxChain a worthy partner in the goal to accelerate time to discovery, innovation and profitability. hoaxChain's proficiency in information technology is highly respected by SGI, particularly in the domains of cryptography and computer security. hoaxChain brings this expertise to the design of its sophisticated supercomputer-based applications. SGI and hoaxCHain have worked together with SGI's flagship ICE platform for powerful distributed memory supercomputers to build Sukuriputo Okane, hoaxChain's first supercomputer currently ranked #327 in the world.

    Cassio Conceicao, SGI Executive Vice President and chief operating officer wrote in an email that:

    hoaxChain has never been an SGI customer and SGI has no relationship with hoaxChain CEO Craig Steven Wright. SGI has no record of the CO1N supercomputer ever being purchased. SGI does not operate, maintain, or provide any services for this supercomputer.

    The above comment from Mr Conceicao absolutely does not indicate that hoaxChain is doing anything inappropriate with respect to its Australian tax affairs. Our CEO Mr Wright responded to any allegations of wrongdoing clearly by stating:

    I don’t go to fucking Branson and go, where the fuck are you spending your money? None of your goddam fucking business! I mean, honestly, the other interviews were easy, this is just bullshit. My fucking money – if I’m not going to spend it that’s my fucking choice! Ah, excuse me, that’s more hearsay and bullshit. We have been fucking negotiating with these people for years it’s how much tax I pay, there is no criminal investigation, your fucking hearsay bullshit!

    As a way of returning something to the community hoaxChain are offering a free course on our systems and providing access to one of the world's fastest HPC systems in conjunction with IT Masters and Charles Sturt University.

    hoaxChain is a pre-IPO company focused on alternative currency, next generation banking and reputational and educational products with a focus on security and creating a simple user experience. In the six years since the first company in the group started, we have completed several Bitcoin based research projects that have lasted over 6 years and are now ready to start commercialisation.